How to Haul Grain

Published by on June 20, 2019
Categories: grain hauling job

Every farmer knows about this job, where the grain is hauled from the massive silos to the mills that make the flour. A grain hauling job is a needed job because otherwise people’s grain would just sit in the silo and not do anything for us. If you are looking to become one of those truck drivers that moves grain back and forth, then there are a few things you need to know.

A dry bulk grain hauler is the job title for someone who ferries grains back and forth, and they are some of the most important people in the farming world. They work hard, work long, and often travel the same road until the job is done. In order to become one of these elite transporters, you need a commercial driver’s license.

Once all the tests associated with that are passed, you can take a skills test at the DMV and finally achieve your license. Once you are able to drive a massive truck, the training really gets started. Most of the grain tankers are built to load and unload grain fast, and those features require training. So, while you might be able to drive from place to place, you need to learn the pickup and drop off.

grain hauling job

Plus, if you aren’t unloading the grain from the silo, you’ll have to learn the nuances of unloading from trains, harvesters, and tractors, which all have different mechanics. Since the grain is often a farmer’s literal bread and butter, they need drivers and loaders with the ability to be trustworthy, able to act on their own, and the ability to self-inspect themselves to catch problems.

Finding a local trucker network or a farmer during harvest season are often the best ways to get into the hauling business. So get out there and get looking, then get hauling!