What are Air Motors?

Published by on June 20, 2019
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gast air motor rebuild kit

Motors can be powered by a great many things, including electricity and gasoline, and compressed air. While you might have experience with the first two if you’ve ever worked around motor vehicles, the knowledge of the third might prove elusive. After all, you don’t often hear about them when motors are talked about.

Air motors are mechanically worked by moving air around, and pistons are generally used to move the air and create linear motion. The pumping of the pistons changes with the pressure, and as more pressure is added the farther the piston goes down, then when the pressure is released it springs back up.

The pistons are all kept in housing, allowing for more power as several pistons can pump up at the same time. You’ll often find pistons in a hydraulic motor system, turning the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy that can then be used by a machine.

Another type of air motor is a rotary vane motor, which uses air to spin a turbine around to produce energy. This often works with larger products, as the rotations can provide lots of power with the stored air pressure. Sanders, drills, and other power tools often use air motors in the place of electric batteries, for more speed, power, and the reduction of sparks. Plus, if the motors break, gast air motor rebuild kit packages are available to get them up and running.

Air motors are everywhere and can be found in tools and cars. They don’t require electricity, just compressed air, and can often give greater amounts of power. This makes air motors viable for the transportation industry, and they were mostly used in locomotives and trams. Aircraft sometimes use compressed air to start their engines, and without them, the world would be a rougher place.